Philippe Piot


Associated facilities:

Advanced Accelerator R&D at NML at Fermi Nat'l Accelerator Laboratory
Argonne Wakefield Accelerator facility at Agonne Nat'l Laboratory
Fermi/Nicadd photoinjector laboratory at Fermi Nat'l Accelerator Laboratory
Photo-injector 3 at Free-electron LAser Source in Hamburg (FLASH), Germany
TESLA project (e+/e- collider proposal X-Rays free-electron laser), Hamburg Germany

Research interests:

  • Multi-Particle Charged-Particles Beam Dynamics Effects,
  • Production and Manipulations of High-Brightness Electron Beams,
  • Coherent Radiation and Collective Effects,
  • Charged-Particle Beam Diagnostics,
  • Table-Top Accelerators and Accelerator-Based Light Sources.
  • Courses:

    PHYS 671: Electromagnetism II : fall 2007, fall 2006 & Fall 2005
    PHYS690C: Introduction to Beam Physics spring 2006
    PHYS 375: Laboratory Electronics : spring 2008, spring 2007
    PHYS583: Beam Physics II fall 2007

    Papers & Talks:

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  • paper prepared for conferences
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